Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

2013 - it's going to be a busy year. I have goals - I will state them, work towards them, adjust as I go and see where I end up. The resolutions should be challenging to ensure growth.


Sometimes the challenge is to just get started. Small changes over time lead to long-term achievements. While doing the work it can sometimes be difficult to measure progress. I keep a log because it helps me to track my progress.

So my resolutions:
1) Support Sara on her comeback trail. With her illness in 2012 she was not able to be active. She currently is gaining back some consistency with frequent short runs and slowly gaining back energy. Racing is not as much fun without her participation.

2) Support Logan for 2-3 Kids triathlons. Love the kids racing - always inspirational and it's always fun.

3) Sub 2:25 at Around the Bay 30K race. I did 2:28 in 2010, 2:26 in 2011, had taken 2012 off, and signed up for 2013. Gets me out the door!

4) Ironman Lake Placid sub 11:00. I went 11:09 in 2011, I feel stronger and I have never pushed the bike. My goal is 1:05 swim, sub 5:45 bike and sub 3:50 run (I have gone 3:57 and 3:53 my last 2 IM runs so I feel confident).

5) Ironman Florida sub 10:45. Not sure on this one as I've only done hilly Ironmans but I'm curious to see how I do on a flat course. Peter Ames is also doing this race - if I can train with him over September and October I should be golden.

6) As of January 1, 2013 I weigh 166lbs. This is the result of the holiday festivities and was expected. By March 1st I'd like to be sub 160, a goal of 3lb weight loss per month - certainly doable. When I'm under 160 I get the race results I'm looking for. As the warmer weather comes I reduce even further. I usually do Ironman at a weight that ranges between 150-154lbs.

7) Get all home projects done this spring so that summer training is clear. Sara will like this one!!!

That's all for now - best of luck with your resolutions!


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