Saturday, October 15, 2011

What A Difference a Week Makes and the Real Athlete in the Family

Thanksgiving weekend was one to remember! The weather was amazing - hot and sunny. People were out in force enjoying the weather. Logan, Emily and I went to Canterbury Hills in Ancaster for a hike (Sara was doing a massage course in Toronto - pretty agonizing considering the weather and the fact she was indoors!). The trails had a couple of beautiful waterfalls - here's Logan posing at the biggest one, very cool.

This view is from the falls looking back down the trail.

We went exploring and followed the trail deep into the forest. We only covered a few kilometres but it looks like a cool place to do a trail run in the future.

Another smaller waterfall.

There were trees galore and it looked awesome with the sun shining through.

Logan did a couple of tris this summer - the final one in the later part of September at Lakeside. John Salt and the Multisport series do a fantastic job with the kids and the focus is on participation and fun. The kids really enjoyed themselves and it was apparent nobody cared what place they came in - they were definitely there to have some fun!

At Lakeside pre-race they always take a picture of all the kids together. Logan's on the far left, second row with all the other 8 and 9 year olds (Logan turns 8 at the end of October and did fine with the older kids). Check out how many kids were in his wave! The swim was 100m long, followed by a 2.5km bike and finally a 800m run.

I was lucky to get this shot as Logan was moving pretty fast - he loves the bike!

Here he is coming down the home stretch. The girl on the right is a local kid who happily ran back and forth to support the participants - a great atmosphere all around.

Basking in the glory of a job well done!! Mom and Dad are very proud!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Funny Pics to Chuckle By

I don't know why but this picture cracks me up every time I read it!