Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 Hawaii Ironman - WOW!!

Some random pics from this year's Hawaii Ironman. Above is men's winner Fredrik Van Lierde - he was strong throughout the day and consistent through all three disciplines. I did not pick him for my top 3 but I should have given his 3rd place showing last year.

Luke McKenzie - breakout race. He pushed the bike and led til the Natural Energy Lab. He didn't blow up and hung on for 2nd. I saw this guy last year in Kona and this year he was about 15lbs lighter - quite unhealthy looking but it seemed to work for him.

Sadly Craig Alexander had a tough day and announced this would be his last Ironman. 3 wins in 6 races - not too bad!

Anticipation before the cannon goes off

A very cool shot of the age groupers start.

Mirinda Carfrae. I picked her for top 3. She had a good ride this year and limited her losses on the bike to about 8 minutes. With her run talent it was only a matter of time. She absolutely crushed the marathon for the win.

Rachael Joyce. I picked her to finish 2nd - the only one I got right! She was steady throughout the day and, if not for Carfrae's running, would have easily won this race.

Luke looking hungry literally.

Liz Blatchford - 3rd place

Rinny ran 2:50.39 breaking her previous record of 2:53. She had the 3rd fastest marathon overall (for BOTH men and women). That is crazy fast!! On the coverage she looked like she was running a 5k.

Alii Drive heading to the finish

Women's winner Carfrae

Men's winner Van Lierde

Women's top 3

I have Ironman Florida in 13 days. I just saw the Pro list for the race and Mirinda Carfrae and Yvonne Van Vlerken (4th in Hawaii) are slated to race to validate for Hawaii IM 2014 - very cool!!

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