Monday, February 23, 2015

I Am Not A Sub-Zero Hero!

 I am struggling this winter! Don't believe me - come check out my scale. As for exercise? I have officially started my 2015 IM Mont Tremblant program. First week complete and I came out pretty well. I originally thought about bailing on the race but knowing that I wasted all that money would eat away at me - I paid for it so I might as well race it!

 With the challenging winter conditions and just getting over some back issues I have decided not to race Around the Bay this year. I cannot see a way of getting the necessary training in without injury and still get through the 30k unscathed. I figure the buildup I plan to follow at this point will be the smart move in the end.


 Logan is quite skilled when it comes to computers. He thought it funny to superimpose my creepy moustache look onto a race care in one of his games. The head of the driver (with my creepy face) bobbles all over the place as he drives. Logan found this quick funny while I remain disturbed.

 I've also been traveling quite a bit for work of late. Sara tagged along on one trip and we stayed in Blue Mountain Village. It was nice.

 Sara introduced me to the spa world at the Scandinave Spa. I enjoyed it and even went into the 54F cold pool, albeit for 30 seconds. We went through a sequence of hot and cold modalities such as hot whirlpools, various cold pools, a eucalyptus steam room and a sauna. A lot of the time we were outdoors as well. I admit I did feel pretty relaxed after.

 From there we went to Firehall Pizza in the village and had a big chowdown. It was good. I was surprisingly hungry from the spa or just my usual self - I cannot tell the difference.

 After Collingwood I flew to Ottawa. I took customers out to the Senators vs Stars game. Here's a pic from my seat - great view!

 Then it was back home to celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my folks Bob and Bev!! Look at these crazy kids - still running around, busier than ever. Pretty cool!

 I've never been a winter fan but there really is beauty in it. After one storm everything had a frozen glaze. The trees, bushes, etc looked amazing.

 Love this shot for some reason. Logan takes swim lessons at my alma mater McMaster University. I took this pic before the kids got in the water. Seeing the pool that calm makes me want to go cannonball in it!

 Now that's a look! And only a couple more layers to go....

 Oh boy. Sara and I got invited to an 80s party and Logan wanted to try on some of my costume.

 Here we are the finished product. Sara opted for the Madonna look while I went with the 80's style pimp look. The party was a blast and everyone got into it. It was really cool listening to all the old tunes and laughing about life in that decade.

 Another work stop - this time Sudbury and, of course, a beverage to end the day.

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