Monday, February 8, 2016

January Is Over! Hello February

 How about this winter - what a difference from the last two years. Also what a difference in training as a result. Better still I haven't had that urge to go away for a winter vacation. Well the Canadian dollar may also have something to do with that!

 As part of our usual "month-long" celebration of Sara's birthday, we went up to Blue Mountain for an over-nighter. We went cross country skiing with our friends Ted and Coreen. We have a great time with the usual laughs and beverages. Scenic Caves has some nice trails.

 Dork in a beaver hat.


 Check out my twelve-teen year old Logan - taller than me, size 10 feet and now very difficult to wrestle with. I'm in trouble! Jesse is doing great in Banff working at the Fairmont Resort and snowboarding a ton. Em is a working machine working at the hospital and at a doggy daycare.

 Sara and I at the gym trash talking each other on the treadmill. With Logan getting older and Emily at home we've been able to work out together more which is nice. We've largely worked out separately (and by ourselves) for the bulk of the last 10 years. Having company is great.

 Getting some core work in.

 My core is woefully weak.

 Maybe this is why!

 At a recent conference in Toronto I got a nice view of the Molson Canadian rink on the rooftop of a Toronto office building. Looks pretty cool - you can rent it for a mere $2000 per hour.

 This is what it's looked like this winter for the most part. Clear roads, mild temps and sunshine - gotta love it!

 Bay course.

 Getting down n' dirty on Lasalle hill.

 February 7th - 43K ride! Are you kidding me?! I've never done a decent ride outdoors in February with clear roads.

 I like this shot - hides my chins!