Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Muskoka Training Weekend

A awesome weekend of training, drink and weather came together for Victoria Day weekend. Our long bike was memorable for many reasons:
We rode the majority of the ride, 120k plus, with the group intact. We had one rider, Evan, top out at 180k. We had four riders complete 166k, and the rest of the spandex army got 120k plus in. We had a nice break at Robinson's General Store in Dorset where we refueled on bananas, powerbars and yuppy mix (popular item with the group). We had 2 wipeouts (courtesy of Tom or "Sausage Tom" as he soon became) - not to worry, though, Tom came out unscathed,

Here's a game - take the picture to the left and above and spot the differences.

Here's Logan at the Port Sydney waterfall - it's supposed to be a lot of fun sliding down when warm enough. I'll have to try it when it's less frigid.

Cute geese family at the Clyffe House.

We had dinner at the Eclipse restaurant at Deerhurst Resort, site of last year's G8 summit. Our waitress, Denise, actually served the President!

Here the boys are looking after their recovery with an "ice bath" and ice-cold beer(s)!!

The gang enjoying the fruits of the labour and more beverages!

Next stop - Lake Placid Ironman training weekend.....