Friday, May 23, 2014

A Week of Fun N' Training

Whoa!! Lots of training - so little time to blog.

The previous week was like many of the preceding weeks - all layered up with cool temps and strong winds - good times. Sara and I got out on a rare ride together.

Since Mother's Day was fast approaching I did my long run on the Friday. I did some rolling hills leading the rail trail then headed south. I always like doing an out and back because it forces you to get the distance in by heading as far away from home as the plan calls for. I only got rained on a couple of times. More importantly I got to wear shorts and short sleeve - it was that warm! I ended up doing 25k over 2:25 - a good long slow effort. I finished up at 7pm. With my long ride tomorrow morning it would be lots of endurance work in a short period.

Bored Dork on the trail. The next morning I rode 40k with the Beast and then headed out on my own (into the heavy wind, again!) for 85k to give me 125k on the day.

For Mother's Day we all headed down to St. Catharines for the Chocolate Run. Logan and I were doing the 2.5K, my Mom and sister were doing the 10k walk, and Sara was taking on the 16k. As the name suggests there was lots of chocolate - at the aid stations, when finishing - booyah! It was very loud for Logan but he performed admirably. His reward for finishing? 2 Hershey bars! Better than a medal in his book.

Proud Mom and son gettin it done. The weather was perfect - not a cloud in the sky. After Logan's run Sara lined up for the 16k. She had a great race! Given the amount of training she was able to get in, she crushed it. She finished the race in 1:23 and placed 1st in the 30-39 AG!! I was very proud of her - it was a great surprise on a day that honours all Moms. Sara's a terrific Mother and her result made the day that much sweeter (chocolate pun inserted on purpose). My Mom and sister Michelle completed the 10k walk in just over 1.5 hours - my Mom's longest race in her short career (she did a 5k in late March). It's never too late to pursue new goals. Love it!!

The proud ladies!

Unfortunately Sara came down with strep the next day. She was feverish over night. It made her race result all the more epic. On a positive note she got a pass on all the painting we were doing throughout the house! Well played Sara, well played (just kidding). With confirmed strep the doctor gave her some antibiotics. It, however, was not going to be a long weekend of training as she recovered. At least she'd get all the rest she needs.

This year we switched gears and headed to a new location for our annual long weekend training extravaganza. This time we went to Blue Mountain. Sara and I got up mid-afternoon on Friday. Since everyone else had limited running under there belt I decided to get my long run in before they all arrived. I headed from the village down to the water to hook up with the Georgian Bike Trail.

Great soft surface - goes on for miles. The plan was to go out 11k and turn around and head back for a 22k round trip.

The new Kinvara's.

Beautiful sunny day but 2C and windy.

Hello Vitamin D!

The view from our condo looking on the village and ski slope.

Recovery beverage.

Peter and I got some epic riding in. Here we are before ascending Scenic Caves road. This road is about 3k of 8-10%. Combined with the wind it was a tough grind. Once up top on the escarpment it was even windier and the hills did not let up.

Peter powered up as usual!

Great shot of the machines looking out over the lake and village where we started.

Saw lots of these signs!

Peter and Susan got a run in post ride - it was up and down the mountain. This area is such a playground for activity.

The next day Peter, Susan and I headed out for more hilly riding. The plan: go as far as possible before dinner. Susan would go as far as 35k out before heading back for 70k total. We headed up County Rd 19 which is an epic stair-step style climb that seems to go on forever. Again up top saw more wind and hills. Once Susan headed back Peter and I went out exploring. We saw lots of Mennonites out in their Sunday best. We got lots of curious looks from them in our bike gear.

No surprise there are lots of turbines here!

Our lunch stop in Singhampton. A 4-way stop in the middle of nowhere. We were starving so this was it. The food was good. Our waiter's wife did IM Coz which was cool.

We descended, yet again, into Creemore. Had to get a pic of the brewery. The climb out of Creemore was steep! Overall we got 127k in. It was, by far, the hardest 127k I've ever done!!

Post ride it was a couple of beers and onto dinner in the village. Here's John and Sheila pre-dinner. Notice the lack of layers?! We was beautiful out. Love it!

Our restaurant - stone oven pizzas - Yum!

Some margaritas and some wine = a fine evening.

Peter the next day. No story here - I just had to post this pic. Something about the Einstein-like hair and the oversized Crocs with socks....slow clap for Peter!

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