Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy 48th Birthday to Me!!

For my pre-birthday weekend I got a solid block of training with a 2500m swim, 21k run with loads of hills (and rain), and an 81k bike - again with loads of hills and HIGH winds. At one point in the ride I hit a whopping 23k going down a decent hill. One of the things I love about riding is seeing new places.

I rode with Big Rob. Halfway into the ride he suggested grabbing a coffee. We rode to St. George - a place I had never been. There we stopped at Brown Dog Coffee. I don't know if it was because of the wind and exposure to the elements but I had the best Americano I've ever had and a banana-choco chip muffin - Yum!

After snack time we got back at it and sought out as many hills as possible. Rob took it easy on the Ol' Man. Dude's got power!

On the way back we passed African Lion Safari - hard to see but there's a lion there.

My Lion Face - Dork!

Post ride it was off to the Folks place for a birthday dinner. I think I ate my body weight in ribs! A couple of beers and glasses of wine seemed appropriate. The Caramilk cake was delish.

Hangin loose - Kona Dreamin style! My birthday plan? A run, maybe a swim (maybe), soccer with Logan, and a movie with Sara (we NEVER get to do that!). Lookin forward to it. Sun is shining, life is good.

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