Friday, May 2, 2014

This and That Training Edition

Spring is here. Still cooler than the historical average and wet but training is going well. Both Sara and I are getting used to our new awesome machines. After 4 or 5 rides I feel as I'm at one with my bike. I dropped down a size to a 52 and I'm glad I did. I feel more comfortable and feel the difference the carbon makes. I recently sold my old Cannondale 2000 aluminum tribike. It was a great bike - got me through 6 Ironmans and countless other races and training rides. It went to a guy in Kitchener who's getting into tris - love it!

Sara's, after some tweaking, is finding her position on her new bike. The last couple of weekends I got two 110K rides in. I usually head out on my own for 40-50K then Sara and I ride the rest together. It's been fun riding together - we don't get many opportunities to do that.

We stopped on one of our rides to rescue this turtle that was in the middle of the road and likely to be squashed at some point. Turtles are one of my fav creatures. Sara and Logan tell me I'm too slow and have nicknamed me Honu - Hawaiian for turtle.

While visiting Aylmer, Sara and I did some trail running on a beautiful Saturday morning. It was perfect conditions with great scenery.

Lovin the sunshine!!

Super Dork!

An important part of any training program is a dedicated focus on recovery. Here Logan is accurately demonstrating how I generally recover post workout. Very funny Dude!


So true. I think about this when I run into "problems". Most of the crap doesn't really classify as problems - it's just normal life small stuff we project more emotion into. Sometimes a change in perspective and attitude is all we need.

Another great pile of quotes.

My happy place - Cheers!

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