Saturday, April 19, 2014

Great Time of Year for Sports!!

I LOVE this time of year. Hockey playoffs are on, the Masters just finished, baseball season is beginning and basketball playoffs are soon with the Toronto Raptors in the mix. Sadly my Leafs are out....

I went with the Fam to the Sabres vs Red Wings game recently. As you can tell by the pics most of the crew favours Detroit. I'm the only Leaf fan so I'm completely outnumbered however I'm a huge Pavel Datsyuk fan - he's an amazing player and always better to watch live.

Spring is finally here and we are out n' about getting active. Logan is doing some karate and getting re-acquainted with his bike.

We still have to bundle up but at least we're not on the trainer!

Sara with the new machine. Last week I managed to get 3 x 40K plus an 80K ride in - not bad for the first real week of riding. I plan on building from here and look to mid May for my first 160K. Please Mother Nature do us all a solid!!

The sun in this pic reminds me of Pikachu in Pokémon - I know, I'm weird. The days are getting longer! Sun is rising earlier and sunsets are already past 8 pm. June is awesome because the sun will set well after 9 pm - lots of training opportunity ahead!
Get out there!!

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