Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm Moving Again!

 I'm not completely out of the woods yet but my back is slowly coming around. Ironically I'm not bad when I'm going in a straight line - running that is. Don't ask me to change directions quickly though. Sitting on a bike is not too bad now. Driving a car is the worst position with one foot occupied on a pedal but I try to limit that.

 Winter weather has been decent too. Sometimes cold but the footing has been pretty good. Since I only ran a few times in the past few weeks I am trying to get back into it and hope muscle memory kicks in. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how fast we can lose fitness and feel soft. It takes so long to build up and no time to lose it. I even felt soft only after a few days of inactivity.

 The other thing I notice about falling out of shape is the increase in aches and pains structurely, specifically in the back and neck. I'm convinced that the toned muscles keep all these in check. Let them atrophy and you're left with the general wear and tear that almost 49 years of life provides.

 I'm also trying to keep up with my weights and core and plan to look after this throughout the upcoming season. It's no secret that we lose muscle mass as we age and strength training serves to limit the loss. It doesn't have to be heavy and you don't have to belong to a gym. Just google or go on youtube and you will find tons.


 Winter! I'm hoping to try some winter mountain biking though. I'd also like to try one of those Fat Bikes - looks like fun!

 Find your motivation and get out there!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015


I'm pissed! I was getting my training groove back and I was out for a run a few weeks ago on a local trail. With the frozen ground and uneven surface I somehow managed to put my back into spasm high up in my lumbar region on the left side (almost exactly like the dude in the above pic). I thought it would subside over a few days but then it started to bring on some nervous innervation.

 I had a bout of sciatica a number of years ago and it was not fun - I had new respect for those with debilitating back injuries. What I am feeling now is slightly reminiscent but not full blown. Because of my past experience I am being really careful with this. The other issue is, as I become deconditioned, I am getting other aches and pains. When conditioned our musculature tends to keep this in check. With atrophy all these imbalances and general wear and tear tend to "come to the surface".

 I'm slowly coming around but remain vigilant. The frustrating part is that races I planned on participating in may be in jeopardy. I won't rush back and further injure myself - not smart!

 I'm trying to remain patient and positive and focus on happiness! From that theme I've included some happiness pics to spread the positive vibe.

 Aww - so nice. I think I will grab some towels right now!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Cold as ^#&@^@ Out!!!

Full disclosure - I'm a huge wimp when it comes to cold weather - always have. Growing up I'd always lie on the floor with my feet pressed against the vent to get as much warmth as possible. I prefer heat - in fact, my best racing has historically been on hot days. Anyway, don't like the cold - never will. I could easily live somewhere warm (and preferably tropical) year round. Unless we buy Turks and Caicos or invade some other island, I'm not going to find it in Canada.

The other challenge I have is the dread, I mean, treadmill. Nothing is more painstaking than running on the treadmill. I will put up with the cold as much as possible before going to the hamster wheel. I figure I'm good outside up to the point where it gets colder than -23C with windchill. At that point I have no interest. I even have TV available, I could do Netflix - doesn't matter. I can get to about 35 minutes but it is grind for me.

 So far I've done a lot of whining. I figure I can write it out, put it away, and come to terms with the treadmill. I will likely use it for the next 2 days as we get through this current deep freeze. I plan on doing some pickups, changes in speed and incline to make the time go by. I will change my attitude.

 Poor puppies!


 True that! Keep warm out there, my friends!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

 Wow, another year gone by! 2014 was an interesting year - 2 Ironmans (Lake Placid and Florida) with awful weather for both. Placid saw the swim shortened for most (I was able to complete my swim) due to lightning. The bike ride in Placid was the worst I've ever encountered. I do not plan on doing Placid again anytime soon (I've done 6 of them - that's enough for now).

 Florida was COLD!! It started out at 4C with 40-60km winds. The swim was cancelled due to rip currents so it became a time trial start based on race number. Due to my number (1113) I was guaranteed to be running in the dark before the end of one loop of the run. It got cold once the sun disappeared and the wind never let up all day. Florida, although I will put an asterisk next to it, was my 10th Ironman.

 When I did my first Ironman in 1989 at age 23 I set out a goal to do 10 in my lifetime. I'm at 10 now and I fully admit the last two years have not been fun. I know now that I'm not made for multiple Ironman per year. I enjoy training but work stress, meeting the needs of the family and trying to get proper recovery is tough. Recovery is the biggest challenge. I travel a great deal, Sara and I work opposite schedules and Logan always wants Daddy time (I gladly do the Daddy time!!). Currently I'm signed up for IM Mont Tremblant 2015 but I'm unclear at this point whether I will be toeing the line or not. I did take 6 weeks off post Florida and got some proper rest which has helped. I've slowly eased back into light training and so far, so good.

 My training totals for 2014 are as follows:
swim = 127,300m
bike = 3, 956 miles
run = 1, 027 miles

 My main goal this year is enjoy! I want to enjoy whatever activity I'm doing and not be worried about results. I did this in 2011 and had my most successful season ever. The past 2 years have felt like work and has taken the fun out of it. I vow to have fun and enjoy the process and the journey.

 My other goal is to try surfing. You read that right - I said surfing. I skateboarded a lot when I was young, did some skim boarding and have surfed once - the feeling is unbelievable. I have researched this and the Great Lakes actually provide decent surfing and there is a growing surfing community out there. I've been thinking about this for the past couple of years but have never acted upon it - 2015 will be the year! I plan to take some lessons in Toronto and see what I can do. I don't expect to get great at it - it's just something that I think will be fun.

 Read these to the left - it is quite accurate.

 We can always use more cowbell. Finally I think I need to go somewhere tropical in 2015. Not clear as to when and where but it will be done! Finally this post is my 200th - either I must have time on my hands or I enjoy doing this sort of "time capsule". Either way thanks for reading! Have a fantastic 2015!
Happy New Year 2015 - Cheers!