Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Goals

 So 2011 is coming to an end and as 2012 approaches it is time to score 2011 and set new goals for 2012. As the Mayans have indicated we'll not make it out of 2012 I figure I should make some lofty goals. First off 2011 was a decent year. On the sports front I set a Ironman PB by 1 hour at Lake Placid with an overall time of 11:09.49, good for 298 overall and 30/302 in the 45-49 age group. I improved my Around the Bay 30k time by 2 minutes compared to the previous year with a time of 2:26. Finally I made the podium with a 3rd place finish at Guelph Lake 2, my first sprint tri in many years.

On the family front, Em and Jesse both graduated high school and are currently figuring out life and what they'd like to do in the future. Logan overcame his anxiety of flying and we went to Belize for vacation. Sara, after 25 years, returned to Belize to visit the area where she was born and lived til she was 10 - it was very cool! I even got to stomp a tarantula that found its way into our accomodation - they squish rather easily.

 Over 2011 we had some fun times, challenging times and times where it was just routine but overall it was a success. I'm sure 2012 will present itself in similar fashion.

 So for 2012 my goals are as follows:

1) Improve my Around the Bay 30k race time. I have improved my time each time over the last 4 years even though I'm getting older. I will attempt to keep my streak going.

2) Get Logan to snorkle with me in Hawaii on vacation with all marine life, especially the honu (hawaiian for sea turtles)

3) Show Logan the Tyrell Dino Museum in Alberta and the Rocky Mountains.

 4) Try a new race or races. I'd like to do the Welland Half-Ironman in late June - it's flat and fast and I hope to go under 5 hours and possibly break my previous PB of 4:57. The other race I'd like to try is the Centurion Cycling Events 100 miler in either Niagara or Collingwood. These events resemble the Gran Fondos of Europe and look like a blast. An outside goal is to do an adventure race - they look like fun.

5) Exercise at least 45 minutes 5 times per week with one complete day off per week.

6) An outside goal of a fall marathon. I know I'm capable of qualifying for Boston (3:25 qualifying time) but the marathon (except for an Ironman) has never really interested me. I may do the Hamilton Marathon to check this off my list.

7) Race the Run for the Toad 25k trail race.

If I had the time and schedule to match (in other words not impact the family), I'd love to do another Ironman but this year we are doing a couple of vacations - Hawaii in March and Alberta/BC in August. I may look at another IM in a couple of years. I will focus on building strength and improve speed through all 3 tri disciplines and will likely top out with a half-Ironman. I enjoy the training and the lifestyle so my journey will continue along that path. As for those of you reading - what have you got in store for 2012?!!    CHEERS!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011


I stole this from another blog "Steve in a Speedo Gross" but each time I've read it I chuckle. It originally came from the website The Onion - which pokes fun at the world we live in with a warped sense of humour. Read the end you'll probably think I'm warped!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Alligator and the Great Wolf

So I was not able to take a night pic of Bourbon Street cause I lost my camera on Bourbon Street. I wasn't pumped about it but Best Buy had $70 off the exact camera so I picked one up. A few of us from work decided to take a swamp tour. The weather got cold around 10 C and cloudy but we ventured out anyway since I would not have the chance to do this anytime soon.

Some of the locals we were hoping to see.

An albino alligator - apparently happens once every 800, 000. I don't think I'd want to meet up with this in the swamp - the eyes were freaky lookin!

Here's my ride - everything's above water, has no brakes and can go up to 40 mph.

My coworker Cory. I kinda chuckled at the $5.00 rainslick he bought but within 5 minutes of starting the tour it poured rain on us and I was chilled the rest of the tour - who's the genius now?!

The swamp. We saw only a couple of alligators as most are now in hibernation. Also saw an armadillo. It was fun bombing around the swamp on the airboat.

We stopped and our guide had an alligator he is looking after and will soon release into the swamp. I was frozen at this point but I managed to control this behemoth!

Guide told us that if you find yourself looking down the alligators throat you're in a bit of trouble. Normally this is covered by a flap to prevent water from going down and only opens up when it's going to swallow something.

Once back in Canada Sara, Logan and I went to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls for some waves, slides and games.

The blue slide was called the Niagara Rapids and we must have ridden it at least 15 times - the crowds were small so you could pretty much go immediately on to the ride. It was awesome!

The waterpark had a bar that was appropriately named - I want this sign for my future recroom.

The place had an arcade and each game rewarded you with tickets based on your score that you can trade in for toys. Of course anything good cost a zillion tickets.

At night they gathered all the kids in the main atrium for storytime. This little guy took a shining to Logan and wanted to sit with him for the stories.

Here's the area where storytime took place. It also had a huge fireplace.

We had a blast - or as the staff would say "we had a great wolf day" - makes you want to howl! (haha that's funny)


Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Big Easy

So I'm here in New Orleans for the Academy Society of Hospital Pharmacists and, like all new places I visit, I went for the mandatory exploratory run. It's a nice day and the sun is shining on the Mississippi River and I found a nice but somewhat short boardwalk but it did the trick.

The Norwegian Spirit was docked - I couldn't get a side shot unfortunately.

As most people know New Orleans is home to the Mardi Gras - as I arrived yesterday on the LSU game day, fans were in full-on party mode. It's expected to be crazier today when the Saints play the Lions tonight. My hotel restaurant is already packed with Saints fans having breakfast and I suspect by the afternoon the tail-gating will start.

We're in Crawfish country! (sorry the pic's sideways)

Mississippi riverboat.

This one's for the ladies!! So this statue represents "Old Man River". I think the dude's in need of some serious manscaping - I'm just sayin'

This is the Inn on Bourbon where I'm staying. It's right in the French Quarter. Most of the buildings have these balconies "for rent" for the partying.

World famous Bourbon Street.

One of many things you can get on Bourbon Street! Huge Ass Beers - only 3 bucks!

Here's a shot of Bourbon Street this morning. I want to get a before and after picture to show the transformation. Stay tuned!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall Scenery at Websters Falls

Logan, Sara and I went hiking at Websters Falls. I'm amazed at the quality of trails around Hamilton. I plan on doing more trail running and this is now on the list.

Of course no nature walk would be complete without recruiting some reluctant bystander to take our picture.

Nice shots of Tews Falls - I'll hike to the bottom somee day.

Websters Falls is spectacular with a arching stone bridge and wide waterfall.

Mommy and Logan taking a break.

And, of course, no nature hike would be complete without the mandatory search for dinosaur fossils. My lack of knowledge in geology was glaringly apparent. Logan reported that I needed to step up my game in that department.

Here I'm receiving instruction to look for sandstone.


Hope all is well - Cheers!