Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Goals

 So 2011 is coming to an end and as 2012 approaches it is time to score 2011 and set new goals for 2012. As the Mayans have indicated we'll not make it out of 2012 I figure I should make some lofty goals. First off 2011 was a decent year. On the sports front I set a Ironman PB by 1 hour at Lake Placid with an overall time of 11:09.49, good for 298 overall and 30/302 in the 45-49 age group. I improved my Around the Bay 30k time by 2 minutes compared to the previous year with a time of 2:26. Finally I made the podium with a 3rd place finish at Guelph Lake 2, my first sprint tri in many years.

On the family front, Em and Jesse both graduated high school and are currently figuring out life and what they'd like to do in the future. Logan overcame his anxiety of flying and we went to Belize for vacation. Sara, after 25 years, returned to Belize to visit the area where she was born and lived til she was 10 - it was very cool! I even got to stomp a tarantula that found its way into our accomodation - they squish rather easily.

 Over 2011 we had some fun times, challenging times and times where it was just routine but overall it was a success. I'm sure 2012 will present itself in similar fashion.

 So for 2012 my goals are as follows:

1) Improve my Around the Bay 30k race time. I have improved my time each time over the last 4 years even though I'm getting older. I will attempt to keep my streak going.

2) Get Logan to snorkle with me in Hawaii on vacation with all marine life, especially the honu (hawaiian for sea turtles)

3) Show Logan the Tyrell Dino Museum in Alberta and the Rocky Mountains.

 4) Try a new race or races. I'd like to do the Welland Half-Ironman in late June - it's flat and fast and I hope to go under 5 hours and possibly break my previous PB of 4:57. The other race I'd like to try is the Centurion Cycling Events 100 miler in either Niagara or Collingwood. These events resemble the Gran Fondos of Europe and look like a blast. An outside goal is to do an adventure race - they look like fun.

5) Exercise at least 45 minutes 5 times per week with one complete day off per week.

6) An outside goal of a fall marathon. I know I'm capable of qualifying for Boston (3:25 qualifying time) but the marathon (except for an Ironman) has never really interested me. I may do the Hamilton Marathon to check this off my list.

7) Race the Run for the Toad 25k trail race.

If I had the time and schedule to match (in other words not impact the family), I'd love to do another Ironman but this year we are doing a couple of vacations - Hawaii in March and Alberta/BC in August. I may look at another IM in a couple of years. I will focus on building strength and improve speed through all 3 tri disciplines and will likely top out with a half-Ironman. I enjoy the training and the lifestyle so my journey will continue along that path. As for those of you reading - what have you got in store for 2012?!!    CHEERS!

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