Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big Weekend of Training!

Weather's been up and down of late but I'm rolling with it. This past weekend, 2 weeks from race day, was huge. I already had a great week of training but now it was going to be the biggest one yet in prep for Lake Placid.

We started out Saturday morning at Gullivers Lake. What a nice view. The lake is very clean and clear - a rare thing in Southern Ontario.

One lap around is 1k. The plan was to do 4k. I did the first 2k with Sara and then worked the back 2k at the upper end of my aerobic zone. I felt good throughout. This week was a good swim week for me: Tuesday - 4200m, Thurs - 3000m and Sat - 4000m.

Rob and his Mom also joined us. Rob did the 4k in prep for IM Mont Tremblant and his Mom, 66 years young, is doing IM Cambridge (her 4th). We both have great taste - we have the same Xterra wetsuit and the exact same Trek Speed Concept - too funny. Rob's Mom did a short swim and run as she was racing the Valens sprint tri the next morning. She's a machine!

Next on the menu - long bike. Sara joined us for 90k and then Rob and I headed towards Paris to get some hills in. It was heating up but I loved it. Rob and I parted ways at around 160k and I rode home to a final tally of 181k. It was a good ride and all-around great training day.

I took this pic just after getting attacked by a protective Mamma bird who did not like how close I was to her nest. It hit me right on top of the helmet! We ended up doing a second loop past the nest and the bird went after me again but no contact the second time. Gotta love nature!

Rob the Cycling Machine. On the Sunday I battled some big rain but managed to get 18k of Kings Forest hills followed by 13.5k of country roads for a run tally of 31.5k. I am satisfied with my training and hope to really enjoy race day.

On a side note - I'm currently in Windsor for work. If you ever find yourself here go to the Windsor International Aquatic Centre. A beautiful facility with an indoor water park for the kids on one side, gym upstairs, and a gorgeous 50m pool on the other side. The pool has platform and board diving and will host the 2016 25m FINA World Champs. I went there when it was 25m only but had my own lane the entire time. In fact, lane swimming was available all day, every day except for a break between 5:30-7:00pm. Now that's awesome!


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