Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tour de Youngstown 2.0

Although I'm a little late getting this out I still need to report on a fabulous weekend in the bustling metropolis of Youngstown. Instead of riding down to Youngstown, this year we set out from the cottage to explore the area surrounding Youngstown. The weather was perfect with light winds and the terrain was predominantly flat. Beast's wife Sheila held down the fort while we were out (code for read for a little while followed by nap - we would learn later that John shares the same hobby).

The area around Youngstown was perfect for riding with lots of quiet roads and usually a decent shoulder. Beast here was doing his best to create a cone or vortex of silence as he "powers" his way up the 1% climb!

Peter doing a pull with no hands to impress the ladies! Very Lance-like Peter, well done. As you can see in the background the countryside was quite nice.

If you look closely at this picture you can see 3 riders riding safely and one rider who thinks he's a car - a Cervelo Coupe.

Self-pic - DORK!

Our furry friends - Peter's pups had a blast at the beach and on the trails and were up for eating anything they liked.

Post 50 mile ride Beast went straight into an interval workout of several beers and a couple glasses of wine which culminated in a early hibernation for the Beast - unlike his shirt's message the Beast's energy had some limits. The rest of the weekend ended with (in no particular order) more wine and beer, line dancing, headstands, steaks, more steaks and a 20+ km run into some hurricane-like winds. All in all we had a blast and look forward to next year.
See ya in 2012!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freakin Awesome Bike Skills!!

Check out the video and, do yourself a favour, listen to the commentary - it's hilarious! The dude is unreal on a bike.