Friday, November 19, 2010

Muskoka 70.3 2010 RR

This is called "plodding"

Still having fun at 16km into the run

Celebratory shot with my little "dinosaur"

Deanne and Evan's Wedding Day!

A wonderful time was had by all at Deanne and Evan's wedding! With great people like Dan and Clarissa (left) and Sammy and Simon (right) at our table (thanks Mr. & Mrs. Dietz!) - it was a night to remember. At least most of it with all the drinks flowing.

Above is the new couples first dance. It took me 5 pictures to get this shot as the bride and groom were showing some fancy footwork on the floor. Check out the bubbles too!

Of course there is the traditional cutting of the wedding cake. Although this was no ordinary wedding cake - it was decked out with triathlon props including Deanne and Evan crossing the "finish line" on the top hand-in-hand. This cake - as I was told (if remembered correctly) - traveled across 4 provinces, 3 states, on 3 ferries, 5 hills and dales, 2 continents, 1 desert, a couple of streets, several meadows, 5 bus stops, 2 flights of stairs and a hop-skip and a jump to arrive in Burlington!!

Ever the committed athlete, Deanne is always looking for an opportunity to sneak in a workout - her wedding day was no exception. A smart idea - earned high marks for keeping your eye on the prize OR perhaps she might try to make Evan chase her around. Tease!

I really didn't realize how poorly Evan's eyesight was until he lost his glasses - he went to great lengths to find them. Fortunately he felt his way around til he found them - much to the delight of Deanne!

Shortly after finding his glasses Dee and Evan stopped by our table. Evan was animated by what he encountered under Dee's dress and was pleasantly shocked to learn that he would see her naked later on! (fortunately I was able to capture that moment on film)

Here's the happy couple still full of energy by the evening's end.

Dee thought it would be best to sneak in a ride as tomorrow would likely be a rest day. I believe Evan was to run to the hotel as Dee had scheduled a tempo run for him.
Finally here's a pic from where it began for Dee and Evan - walking down the aisle after the ceremony as husband and wife. It's obvious they look happy. The day proved to be awesome on all accounts - from the cermony, the sunshine and the fog, the tri-themed seating arrangements, the tri wedding cake, the efficient speeches, Evan's folks getting screeched, the candy bar, the BAR, to kicking it east coast style on the dance floor! 
From Sara and I: thanks for including us on your special day - we had a blast. Enjoy the journey!