Sunday, January 16, 2011

Muskoka Revisited Part 1

Hey Everyone - here we are in the winter wonderland! We arrived around 2 pm and were able to check in right away. Here's the gang - Sara, Logan, Sara's sister Justina tackling the tubing hill at Deerhurst.

Justina with her babushka hat from Mongola - true story, she's been there in winter!

Justina in action.

Logan in full flight.

Sara doing it with one hand! (that's what she said...)

Stay tuned for my cross-country ski adventure (by adventure I'm mean I didn't fall down)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

How I Feel Today After the Awesome Meal.....

So I look at the scale today and this is what I thought after seeing the number displayed. Yesterday was Sara's 35th birthday! While she may not like the number there is some excitement attached from the triathlete's perspective. The excitement is that she officially "ages up" to the 35-39 age group. As age group tri-nuts this is significant as more often than not our speed at 35 will be greater than when we arrive at 39 - then the cycle repeats itself at 40. I myself, "age up", to the 45-49 age group this year. Yes, I am that much older than Sara yet mentally a lot younger - just ask Sara!
As far as the scale is concerned, the juicy steak, grilled veggies, baked potatoe, the Cabernet Savignon and the Caramilk cake we ingested last night indicates I have some work to do!
Anyway, aging up provides some excitement for the coming season and the possibilities are endless if we put in the work. Speaking of which, gotta go shovel!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Caesar's Gambling and Football

So I'm in Windsor for a couple of days closing the loop on some work details at a local hospital and, on recommendation from a buddy, I am staying at Caesar's Windsor Hotel and Casino. They have a pretty nice gym here and this afternoon I decided to get a workout in . To get there, however, I had to walk through the casino gaming floor - how bizarre is that! So there I am walking through a sea of slots, tables, roulette wheels - you get the idea. The return trip to my room was even more fun as I'm all sweaty. Ironically, people are so into their gambling that I don't think one person noticed me walking through.

I decided to have dinner in the casino sports bar Legends. The food was good and a massive portion was doled out. The bar had a zillion TVs with different sports on but everyone was pumped for the college football champioship pitting Oregon vs Auburn. Now I don't follow a lot of football especially the college variety however I know this - a lot of of overweight dudes are into to football! They should do a study comparing male football fans vs life expectancy cause I'm positive these guys have a limited shelf life. Anyway, I'll think I'll stick to tris....


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Cool picture, funny caption but also a message in there. Sometimes the fear of failure can hold one back. Part of my own strategy this year is to get out of my comfort zone regularly. This can take many forms. I can try new things, push myself beyond my perceived limits (while looking after recovery!), and see what I can achieve if I put in the quality work. I'm committing to quality this year and I'm curious to see where I end up. I look forward to "using" those who are stronger than me to make me better!


Saturday, January 1, 2011



As we embark on a new year with new goals or resolutions, new challenges, and undoubtedly some obstacles ahead it is important to find inspiration to keep us moving forward, to not give up and see our goals to the end. An example of one BAMF can be seen in the following link (pretty cool feat):

If that's not enough how about Dick and Ricky Hoyt - it doesn't get any better!

That is an amazing story!!

I have some goals for 2011:

1) Keep Balanced - with this being an Ironman year (IM Lake Placid) this will be of utmost importance. I resolve to manage my time so as to get the training in but, more importantly, be a good father, hubby, worker, THEN a triathlete.
2) Be Adventurous - try new things, get out of the comfort zone on a regular basis
3) Achieve a level of fitness where my aerobic pace is fast - to do this I will concentrate on sound technique and become efficient at swim, bike and run
4) Be better at staying in contact with friends - I know, being a guy, this is usually not something I think about but I have great friends so why not spend more time in contact with them!
5) I'm doing Ironman but there's another triathlete in the house - I resolve to support Sara's race goals. I believe 2011 is the year Sara will get her health back on track!
6) Cheer my mates for pursuing their goals - whether it be Ironman, going back to school, pursuing a new career - there are great stories in my circle of friends!
7) Continue to realize that I'm very lucky to have what I have - I'm comfortable, have all that I need, and in good health. There are many people in the world who are doing more with much less - I could learn from them.
8) Stay healthy - a no-brainer but I resolve to recognize the signs of overtraining (Sara's helps me out), eat well, and get proper rest

I look forward to the challenge of chasing these goals and I hope y'all achieve yours too!!

My 2011 Race Plan (as of Jan 1, 2011):

1) Grimsby Half Mary - late Feb
2) Around the Bay 30k - late March
3) Mississauga Half Mary - May
4) Muskoka Training Weekend (not a race but an epic weekend)
5) Epicman - June9/10 - another epic training block in Lake Placid
6) Welland HIM - late June
7) Ironman Lake Placid (hello  45-49 age group!)
8) Muskoka 70.3
9) Hamilton Marathon - November

With these race goals the key will be to stay healthy - it can be done if I don't go overboard! Thanks in advance Sara for keeping me from doing so!! Below is a little "funny" to launch the New Year - stay thirsty my friends!