Monday, January 10, 2011

Caesar's Gambling and Football

So I'm in Windsor for a couple of days closing the loop on some work details at a local hospital and, on recommendation from a buddy, I am staying at Caesar's Windsor Hotel and Casino. They have a pretty nice gym here and this afternoon I decided to get a workout in . To get there, however, I had to walk through the casino gaming floor - how bizarre is that! So there I am walking through a sea of slots, tables, roulette wheels - you get the idea. The return trip to my room was even more fun as I'm all sweaty. Ironically, people are so into their gambling that I don't think one person noticed me walking through.

I decided to have dinner in the casino sports bar Legends. The food was good and a massive portion was doled out. The bar had a zillion TVs with different sports on but everyone was pumped for the college football champioship pitting Oregon vs Auburn. Now I don't follow a lot of football especially the college variety however I know this - a lot of of overweight dudes are into to football! They should do a study comparing male football fans vs life expectancy cause I'm positive these guys have a limited shelf life. Anyway, I'll think I'll stick to tris....


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