Saturday, January 15, 2011

How I Feel Today After the Awesome Meal.....

So I look at the scale today and this is what I thought after seeing the number displayed. Yesterday was Sara's 35th birthday! While she may not like the number there is some excitement attached from the triathlete's perspective. The excitement is that she officially "ages up" to the 35-39 age group. As age group tri-nuts this is significant as more often than not our speed at 35 will be greater than when we arrive at 39 - then the cycle repeats itself at 40. I myself, "age up", to the 45-49 age group this year. Yes, I am that much older than Sara yet mentally a lot younger - just ask Sara!
As far as the scale is concerned, the juicy steak, grilled veggies, baked potatoe, the Cabernet Savignon and the Caramilk cake we ingested last night indicates I have some work to do!
Anyway, aging up provides some excitement for the coming season and the possibilities are endless if we put in the work. Speaking of which, gotta go shovel!

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