Monday, December 14, 2015

It`s Christmas 2015!!!

 Well it`s Christmas time, I`m still riding outside and I did not freeze my twig n` berries putting up the lights. Sara got into the outside decorating this year - here she is sporting the traditional Hammer outfit of a lumberjacket to get things going.

 We always pride ourselves on being `loud` in the neighbourhood for the holidays. We definitely do not focus on coordination - instead we try to use everything we have. I`m not sure why but there aren`t a lot of homes with lights up this year - maybe people feel out of sorts because of the mild weather. We`ve not done any shopping to date and Christmas has come up rapidly.

 This puts things into perspective with regards to the weather. This past week I was in Thunder Bay for a couple of days. The pic above was taken at 9:00am and it was 4C.

 Whenever in Thunder Bay I try to visit the Terry Fox Memorial - it`s always inspiring. Beautiful shot with the sun coming through the trees.

 The memorial is really well done and a fitting tribute.

 The Thunder Bay area from the air.

 Heading towards Toronto this is cool shot of the clouds below. Equally fun was flying through them - a bit of a rollercoaster!

 Friday nights we go to a special needs soccer program with Logan. There are several levels of needs and the kids are amazing. I can`t say enough of Coach Frank and Coach Joe - truly amazing human beings. We go to Players Paradise for the session and parents and kids do drills and horse around the field for an hour. It`s always a great start to our weekend.

 Post soccer Logan and I watching some Star Wars - bliss!
Finally some crude humour with a Christmas theme - my kind of funny:

Have a great holiday - Cheers!

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