Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Cold as ^#&@^@ Out!!!

Full disclosure - I'm a huge wimp when it comes to cold weather - always have. Growing up I'd always lie on the floor with my feet pressed against the vent to get as much warmth as possible. I prefer heat - in fact, my best racing has historically been on hot days. Anyway, don't like the cold - never will. I could easily live somewhere warm (and preferably tropical) year round. Unless we buy Turks and Caicos or invade some other island, I'm not going to find it in Canada.

The other challenge I have is the dread, I mean, treadmill. Nothing is more painstaking than running on the treadmill. I will put up with the cold as much as possible before going to the hamster wheel. I figure I'm good outside up to the point where it gets colder than -23C with windchill. At that point I have no interest. I even have TV available, I could do Netflix - doesn't matter. I can get to about 35 minutes but it is grind for me.

 So far I've done a lot of whining. I figure I can write it out, put it away, and come to terms with the treadmill. I will likely use it for the next 2 days as we get through this current deep freeze. I plan on doing some pickups, changes in speed and incline to make the time go by. I will change my attitude.

 Poor puppies!


 True that! Keep warm out there, my friends!

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