Friday, January 16, 2015


I'm pissed! I was getting my training groove back and I was out for a run a few weeks ago on a local trail. With the frozen ground and uneven surface I somehow managed to put my back into spasm high up in my lumbar region on the left side (almost exactly like the dude in the above pic). I thought it would subside over a few days but then it started to bring on some nervous innervation.

 I had a bout of sciatica a number of years ago and it was not fun - I had new respect for those with debilitating back injuries. What I am feeling now is slightly reminiscent but not full blown. Because of my past experience I am being really careful with this. The other issue is, as I become deconditioned, I am getting other aches and pains. When conditioned our musculature tends to keep this in check. With atrophy all these imbalances and general wear and tear tend to "come to the surface".

 I'm slowly coming around but remain vigilant. The frustrating part is that races I planned on participating in may be in jeopardy. I won't rush back and further injure myself - not smart!

 I'm trying to remain patient and positive and focus on happiness! From that theme I've included some happiness pics to spread the positive vibe.

 Aww - so nice. I think I will grab some towels right now!

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