Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm Moving Again!

 I'm not completely out of the woods yet but my back is slowly coming around. Ironically I'm not bad when I'm going in a straight line - running that is. Don't ask me to change directions quickly though. Sitting on a bike is not too bad now. Driving a car is the worst position with one foot occupied on a pedal but I try to limit that.

 Winter weather has been decent too. Sometimes cold but the footing has been pretty good. Since I only ran a few times in the past few weeks I am trying to get back into it and hope muscle memory kicks in. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how fast we can lose fitness and feel soft. It takes so long to build up and no time to lose it. I even felt soft only after a few days of inactivity.

 The other thing I notice about falling out of shape is the increase in aches and pains structurely, specifically in the back and neck. I'm convinced that the toned muscles keep all these in check. Let them atrophy and you're left with the general wear and tear that almost 49 years of life provides.

 I'm also trying to keep up with my weights and core and plan to look after this throughout the upcoming season. It's no secret that we lose muscle mass as we age and strength training serves to limit the loss. It doesn't have to be heavy and you don't have to belong to a gym. Just google or go on youtube and you will find tons.


 Winter! I'm hoping to try some winter mountain biking though. I'd also like to try one of those Fat Bikes - looks like fun!

 Find your motivation and get out there!

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