Monday, January 7, 2013

Muskoka Fun!

Love Muskoka! Beautiful playground no matter the season. I had to do some work in North Bay and when I do I always stay in Huntsville. Sara and Logan tagged along as it was still Christmas Break. It was busy and there were various "characters" at the resort.

Before I get to that, though, Muskoka with snow means winter fun. While I was working Sara and Logan went cross country skiing. At the end of the day Logan and I then went skating. After that we finished up with a swim. I call that a Logan triathlon!

Deerhurst always looks nice during the wintertime.

The resort was definitely busy. A couple of groups made an impression. First there was the "Hallway Pluggers". This encompassed 2-3 families that literally plugged the hallway of the hotel with all their gear, kids, etc without even considering moving to allow others to pass through. I'm fascinated by such ignorance. Over two days they consistently got in everyone's way - it was to the point where I was beginning to think they never ventured anywhere but remained in their "special place"

The second group was the "Lettuce People." It started in the front lobby where a couple of soafs and chairs were placed by the big fireplace with a big coffee table in the middle. The Lettuce People put out their own picnic spread with a couple of heads of lettuce and some tomatoes. They had their own buffet in the middle of the lobby - very cool. The next night we had dinner and our waitress was relating how she served a family the night before and the woman ordered a salad, which, of course, is not out of the ordinary. The waitress continued by saying just a few minutes after bringing the woman her salad she pulled out a green pepper, cut it up, plus a bag of cabbage and added both to her salad. The waitress said that was a first for her! Finally when we left our room to head home a boy was arriving at the room next door with a head of lettuce and a tomatoe!! It turns out Lettuce People were our neighbours the entire time!!

Good times as usual - there sure are some interesting characters out there! Perhaps I'm one too and just don't realize it.....Nah!


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