Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Freakin Cold!!!!!!!!

It is freakin cold!!! With the windchill it is -25C. That's plug in your vehicle cold. I'm usually good for anything that is -15C and warmer but this is brutal.
Not a good time to be a dog.
My sentiments exactly. It's usually this sort of weather that makes me want to escape south. I have the attitude of  "no vacation this winter - we can tough it out" then a cold snap comes and I'm scanning last minute vacations.
Thought this was funny. Get it?!
We're not really this extreme although the big Quebec ice storm a few years back had scenes like this. So what to do for training when it's freakin cold?!
Well I have the Around the Bay 30K race in late March to prepare for. I need to run today but it's not smart to be outside. My 2 options: Go to McMaster University and run on the 200m indoor track - not ideal for the mind but I could be in shorts and do some speedwork then follow it up with a swim in the 50m pool (it's long course day). My other option is to pay for a gym day pass and do the treadmill. Ok, just typing the word treadmill makes me cringe - hate it!!! That settles it I'm heading to Mac.
The Around the Bay 30K course - oldest race in North America (older than Boston!). It's flat for 18K then lots of hills for 8K then flat to slight downhill for last 4K with the finish at center ice indoors in Copps Coliseum - always nice to be warm when finishing. The other great thing is that there are thousands of seats to sit in after the race while you wait for friends without freezing your arse off - very cool.
This year they are using a new coral system based on previous finish times. Based on my results I will be in Coral B (2:15-2:30) so that should work well for me as I should be in a group that will be running a similar pace. In the past the first couple of km is usually reserved for navigating around people who have not seeded themselves appropriately. I had to send proof to the race organizer of my results and I have received confirmation that I will be in Coral B. Currently my running is going well with a long run of 22K completed and I felt good on the hills. As always I'd like to improve on my previous time. I did 2:26 in 2011 and anything under that would be great. Barring weather issues or injury I feel like this goal is attainable - we shall see!

Keep warm y'all - Cheers!

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