Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, See Ya! Hello 2013!!

Christmas is over - had a good one, my crew had fun. It's always good to get together, have a few bevies, reflect on the year that was and look forward to the possibilities of a new year. With Christmas this year came a nice surprise - SNOW!

I can't remember when we last had snow at Christmas - mind you I can't remember last week, but it was nice. With snow on the ground it was obviously time to play in it! Logan had me on fort building duty. Here we are in the fort ready to pounce.

We managed to put a tunnel in despite the snow not really being of the packing variety. Our fort was a 2 room dwelling complete with storage space for snowballs. We were loaded for any battle. We were on guard in case anyone on our street decided to attack - no one did. Intimidation - check!

However, due to my insubordinate attitude, I was banished from the big fort and relegated to the backup fort. In this new fort I was more laid back and even thought about napping.

That did not last as I was attacked shortly thereafter!

The next day we ventured to the local tobogganing hill for some sledding.

Good times!

Ok, 2012 is in the books now it's onward to 2013. 2012 was fun for some parts, disappointing for others. Fun in the sense I went to Hawaii twice and got to see the Hawaii Ironman live, I successfully got into the 2013 Ironman Lake Placid and 2013 Ironman Florida, had a family tour of Alberta, did some family camping. Disappointing because I missed most of race season due to an operation to remove a benign lipoma from my right groin which prevented me from training. I did get in a couple of races but I was so out of shape it wasn't too much fun. This is now done and overwith and training has been going well since the fall. Right now I'm building base and looking forward to 2013.

Next post? 2013 New Years Resolutions!


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