Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Winter Riding!

This has nothing to do with my ride - I just took this recently near Deerhurst Resort.

Today's workout was a reverse brick - a run followed by a bike. Today the temperature was around 5 Celsius with a light wind. I ran an aerobic pace at around 8:25 per mile for 6 miles. When I arrived back home the sun started coming out which made it feel a little warmer so I decided to bundle up and get on my bike.

Roads were dry and free of dirt. Bonus! There wasn't much traffic.

With my booties on, my feet were toasty warm. In fact, by the last part of the ride they were sweating.

No snow yet, still lots of greenery.

Nice melon eh?! It truly is a glamorous look. More like I didn't check myself in the mirror before leaving. Kept me warm. My face was okay given I had a couple of chins to insulate me!!

Hopefully I can get a ride in January.....Cheers!

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