Monday, December 17, 2012

By The Numbers...

2012 totals

Bike: 106h 37m 19s - 1911.06 Mi

Run: 108h 33m 39s - 749.86 Mi

Swim: 16h 08m - 49638.04 M

Hockey: 2h 35m

2011 totals

Bike: 184h 16m 24s - 3367.06 Mi

Run: 153h 50m 10s - 1040.36 Mi

Swim: 43h 24m 15s - 129150 M

The above are my yearly training totals for the past 2 years. For 2012 I will likely do 2000+ miles of biking, 800+ miles of running and 50,000m of swimming. I really surprised at my 2012 running and biking totals when compared to 2011 when I did Ironman Lake Placid. With my surgery putting me back for 6 weeks in the middle of summer I expected my 2012 totals to be lower.

I am curious how 2013 will pan out as I have Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Florida scheduled and quite possibly two 70.3s as well. With two Ironman builds I should achieve a mileage PR. How might this look?

2013 Season: Swimming = 200,000+M,   Biking = 4000+Miles,   Running = 1500+Miles

I think that achieving these benchmarks will put me in a good position for success. We shall see.

I use for logging my training (I good at least 90% of the time for keeping track). It is free, automatically calculates monthly and yearly totals. It's pretty cool to see where you're at by years end.

Anyway, as the new year approaches, I will be looking to improve. With aging top-end speed is naturally declining but endurance racing still has potential if the training is consistent and life is balanced. I'm looking forward to the challenge!


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