Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time to Hibernate? I Don't Think So!

October 25th. I figure that was the last warm day of 2012. It was 25C with the humidity so I took advantage and did a reverse brick, 6 mile run followed by a 32 mile ride. Love the sweat! The following day it cool off and just had that feeling that the cold weather was here to stay. Above is book road.

Take a good look at all the greenery - may not see it for a while.

Here's a basic look at my Pain Cave in the basement. I've got a table set up with a 13" TV, lots of space for drinks and nutrition, the iPad fixed on my handlebars. I'm good for whatever winter throws at me! I'm usually good for 1-1.5 hours on the trainer and, if the mind's right, I can go 2 hours plus.

The trainer.

As with all my training I log it so I have my monthly and yearly tallies. I use - it's free, easy-to-use and automatically tallies my mileage. I'm set for winter.

I also need to give my head a shake and take a dose of HTFU. The cold will not deter me from my goals and, with that in mind, read on for some motivational messages - it's time to take the cold head-on!


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