Friday, November 9, 2012

2013 - Triathlon Extravaganza!

I got in! Right at 1pm EST I logged on and managed to sign up for Florida. Peter did the same and got in as well - it will be his first Ironman. Now the work needs to be done. I've been getting in some good training and can feel my body adapt to the base training.

For Lake Placid, which is a week later in 2013 on July 28th, I'll again do the Around the Bay 30K race which is great for getting my arse out the door during the winter. I'll also do the Muskoka Victoria Day Weekend training camp, and likely the Welland 70.3 in June. This should prepare me for Placid. This will also be my fifth time there so I know the course well and apparently the Wilmington to Placid section of the bike course has been repaved - smooth riding will be welcomed there. Once Placid is complete I will then have 3 months to get ready for Florida, including post-race down time. I'll likely take a week off then ease into light activity over weeks 2-3 and then gradually ramp up from there.

Ultimately I'm building towards either qualifying for Kona through consistent training and luck or by getting my 12 IMs and getting to Hawaii through the Legacy Program. Either way I'm cool - I just want to go to the Big Dance once.
Truth! Funny pic but the message is important. Even if I fail I will be proud of the effort. And who knows what may happen if I just take a risk.

Hopefully I won't be that guy!


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  1. Good luck to ya! I hope to either qualify one day or legacy later in life as well. I'm like you, just once would be amazing.