Monday, November 12, 2012

Comfort Zone? Stay Away!

Pretty cool article which sort of captures what I've always thought. Putting in the work while preparing to race can be uncomfortable at times, especially the intense efforts (duh!). Those efforts never get any easier but you get faster. So we must become one with the pain!

Currently training is going well and I've gotten some solid blocks in. Each week I have been aiming for 2 swims, 3 bikes and 4 runs. If I need a day of rest I take it. My longest sessions have been a 2K swim, 1.5 hour bike and a 10 mile run. I will continue to build on a 3 week build/ 1 week recovery periodization. With winter my focus will be on the run until spring when I can get the bike on the road. I'd like to do a half mary early in the new year then the Around the Bay 30k in March. Not sure if we'll get away someplace warm this winter - it will likely be last minute if we do and that will be a bonus.

On a completely unrelated note my company as a group decided to participate in Movember. I have never had a beard or mustashe EVER! Almost halfway through Movember this is where my stashe is at. I really can't stand it and I think it makes me look creepy however it's for a great cause and I'll stick it out til the end of the month (although I'll celebrate when I get to shave it!!)


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