Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Indoor Waterpark Workout

Sara, Logan and I went to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls for a couple of days where we had a Great Wolf time, had Great Wolf fun and Great Wolf thrills - it was truly Wolfy Great! (you get the idea - we underwent some brainwashing).

For the indoor waterpark workout we required some fitness equipment. On the menu was the Canada Vortex (pictured above), the Niagara Rapids (below), wavepool, and various other waterslides with Falls in their name.

All of the waterslides required climbing 3 stories worth of stairs - hill repeats, Check!

When there wasn't waves I had to chase Logan and my nephews around the pool while pretending to be a T-Rex. The positon required me to run in the water in a half-squat (for an authentic T-Rex look). Cardio plus quad strength work, Check!

This is the Vortex from above - the drop into it was fast and completely dark. We managed to spin around this 3 times before dropping down a hole in the middle.

The Niagara Rapids from above. I tried to take a couple of shots on the ride but failed miserably and almost lost my camera.

Friday night was also the Vanier Cup. As a proud alumni I was backing my MAC Marauders! There were playing Laval who they beat out last year to win the Canadian University Football Championship in overtime. Sadly Laval dominated this year - in fact it wasn't even close. Still very proud, though, and wore my colours in honour. Maybe a rubber match next year.

Logan and Sara - like the half-snarl!

Back in the water for more goofing around. Unfortunately the vast majority of people at the park were in poor health, overweight and no tone. We had the meal plan with our stay which included buffet meals. So what did I do? I put on a clinic! I ate a ton cause it was all there in front of me. After a dinner the night before plus breakfast I was completely toxic from food overload! North America is awful for this sort of scenario and we need to wake up. More exercise + sound nutrition = improved quality of life. Funny thing is - I did activities over the past couple of days I don't normally do and I can feel the muscle soreness as a result. I liked it and could use a little more variety to prevent plateauing.

Logan did this many times - great workout for the arms, core and legs.

Of course, Logan and his cousin Matthew tried to spray me every chance they got!

Love the establishment they have in the park - appropriately named and has all my favourite items!

Did I not say it's appropriately named?! Here I am rocking the Stash in Movember with 6 days to go - pretty Grizzly, eh?! Tomorrow I will be following my sister Michelle, Jimmy, Sharlene, Chris and Beth at IM Cozumel.

Cheers from the Lodge!

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