Monday, May 13, 2013

The Birthday Edition

Wow - it's been 2 weeks since my last entry and what a whirlwind it's been. My birthday was May 6 - I turned 47 (how the hell did that happen?!). My festivities, however, started May 4th with Sara and some customers at the Detroit Red Wings vs Anaheim Ducks playoff game. We got there just in time Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit - always an interesting adventure!

Sara was pumped for the game - she hadn't been to a hockey game in quite a while. Although the guy in the background did not seem quite as impressed. I immediately asked him to turn over his Guy Card for the infraction.

The atmosphere was electric and incredibly loud. The traditional octopus was lowered from the rafters to stir the crowd up even further.

Hard to see in the photo but the jumbotron is showing staff collecting one of the live octopus that was thrown from the crowd onto the ice - a playoff tradition!

The next morning Sara and I went for a run along the Windsor waterfront. They have a nice bike lane there and the morning was beautiful.

Here I am slugging along with memories of pizza, boneless chicken wings (have to be good for ya, right?!), and beer. There was no capacity for speed today. Across the river you can see the big corporate buildings of the automotive companies.

On the way back we noticed all these signs that were being put up for a charity run. Some of these were pretty funny.

Tuesday May 7th saw me on a flight to Ottawa for more work + hockey fun. I went with customers to the Ottawa Senators vs Montreal Canadians game. It was an awesome game as these teams do not like each other one bit.

The Senators came back in the 3rd period from a 2-0 deficit to win in overtime 3-2 and eliminate the Canadians - a result I was especially happy about being a Maple Leafs fan!

The next day was unbelievably beautiful. With humidity it got up to 30C. Besides work I got a 3200m swim in and a 20K run done on some beautiful trails in the Kanata area. Funny thing our spring weather is. The Wednesday run I'm running in shorts and no shirts, this weekend I'm multilayered for my 125K bike and could not wait for a hot shower by the end. Please - more warm weather!!!


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