Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back On Track

Last week was a tough week and so my goal for this week was to get out, put time in and not worry about pace.

I was in Grimsby and decided to get a medium length run in. It was a nice day and Lake Ontario  was looking good despite the spring we've had.

Dork on the beach!

The following weekend was a good training weekend. On Friday I did a 15 mile run, Saturday a 56 mile bike and Sunday a 43 mile bike. The first half of Saturday's ride I could feel quad fatigue from the previous day's run but came around. Sunday I rode with Beast and I kept decent pace for the ride with tired legs.

The weather was around 20C on Saturday and 16C on Sunday and dry!

View of Lake Ontario from the escarpment.

Saturday also meant family ride time. Logan decided that we had to do 8 laps around the 400m bike loop as punishment. I asked what was the punishment for? He said no questions - keep an even pace!! I responded with "Yes Coach!!"

I'm currently in Sault Ste Marie. Cool sighting - Hall of Fame goalie Tony Esposito (formerly of Chicago Blackhawks) was in the lounge and I'm watching the Chicago game. I didn't know he lived in the Sault. Got a 2K swim in and 6 mile tempo run. Another one in the bank! Looking forward to the next few days of good weather.


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