Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Muskoka Fun This Weekend!

Every year we head up to Port Sydney (near Huntsville) for the annual Muskoka Training Weekend on the Victoria Day long weekend, affectionately known as May 2-4. The Huntsville area is host to a 5150 in June and a 70.3 in September. There is NO flat here, it is all hills! The training and beauty is awesome. In the pic above is Beast (hibernating) after our 80 mile ride on the dock. The weather was perfect and, in true Beast fashion, he properly looked after his recovery with proper hydration sources. Well done Beast - I send a slow clap your way!

The scenery, as I said, is spectacular. Here's a nice shot from Deerhurst Resort, site of the Muskoka 70.3, of the inlet which makes the end of the 2K swim. In winter this area would have 15 outdoor rinks cleared and marked for the annual pond hockey tournament.

This was how it looked last year. The weather was 25C+ every day. This year it will be cooler but the weather gods are taking pity as it looks to be sunny with temps between 18 and 22C - we'll take it!

As I said I've been coming here for years - so long, in fact, that I used to have no gray hair! Here's Sara and I at one of the first years with the Finish Line Tri Club.

We've always stayed at the Clyffe House in Port Sydney for either the Training Weekend or when racing the 70.3. It's rustic but right on Mary Lake and is not too expensive. Dave Scott, the owner, is really nice and has a cool, nostalgic triathlon name! Here's Logan on the big rock nestled against the Dance Hall cottage.

This was a scene on Highway 11 last year - pretty funny. If you've never travelled to Muskoka you should know that Highway 400 and 11 is an exercise in patience as everyone and their brother are looking to escape north.

One of the things that keep us sane on the highway is the must-stop at Webers. The lineups all always out the door but it SO good! Surprisingly we've always had fantastic workouts after devouring a couple of cheeseburgs, driving the final hour, and getting on the bikes to loosen up.

The rapids near Clyffe House.

As with most Muskoka nights this time of year a wood fire will likely be in order. The Clyffe House is over 100 years old so the fire warms the place up nicely. Dork!

It should be said that this year will still weigh heavy on the heart as our friend Don (second from right) is no longer with us. Don and his wife Linda really enjoyed their time here and I'm sure Don would want us to carry on in true Ironman fashion. I'm positive we will be thinking about him a lot this weekend and we will honour Don in true Muskoka fashion.

Dork on the dock! Have a great weekend everyone!


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