Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wacky Wednesday and Quick Training Update

Not familiar with this sports celebration...


King Kong?!!

Training Update: May has turned into a decent month. It has broken down into the following:

3 50+mile rides, 2 60 mile rides, 1 80 mile ride and 1 century
5 runs over 2 hours up to 2:35
several 2500m swims plus 2 3000+m swims

With the spring I had I have found myself playing a little catchup. My body is responding nicely so far and I am beginning to feel my strength build. Will I be in optimal shape for Lake Placid in 60 days? Hard to say at this point  but if I continue on my current pace and stay injury free I should be fine. IM Lake Placid is switching up the swim this year with a time-trial style start beginning at 6:30am and going in a clockwise direction (for the first time). It should be interesting to see how this plays out. My weight is starting to drop with the long training but I doubt if I'll be in range of low 150lbs like I was in 2011. My goal is to be around 155-157.

My goals over the month of June?

1) 2-3 100+mile rides
2) 2 runs over 2:30
3) 4 swims over 3000m

Recovery is key in any Ironman preparation. Am I tired? Absolutely! I try my best to manage it by getting proper sleep and sound nutrition. Doesn't always work but I'm satisfied so far.

The first weekend in June I'm heading to Lake Placid for my course scouting weekend. I plan on a long swim-full bike on the Saturday, run the Lake Placid 1/2 marathon Sunday and do the Whiteface Mountain climb (see picture above) on the bike on Monday followed by a short swim - should be an endurance blast and build confidence for IM Lake Placid.

That's all for now - hope all's right in your world.


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