Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dude! Where You Been?!

I noticed my last entry was February 3rd - it's been a while! But for good reason. I've had a lot of work commitments lately which has kept me on the road. I say "work" but it has been fun work. It started off in Ottawa. I took customers to the Ottawa Senators vs Washington Capitals game. The great thing about seeing a game in Ottawa is the low price of tickets. I use Stubhub for my ticket purchases and I paid less than face value for my seats. The pic above and below were taken from my seat. Yes that's Alexander Ovechkin in the penalty box in front of me. I also usually stay at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata. This is where the visiting NHL teams stay and I saw the Capitals board the bus to head to the rink. If ever in Kanata, check it out, and book through Hotwire - it's the only 4-Star hotel in Ottawa West.

I came back home briefly and on Sunday headed to downtown Toronto for the Canadian Hospital Pharmacists Conference. I stayed at the Sheraton which has a nice gym and 25m pool that is half indoor, half outdoor. I was meeting customers for a Super Bowl event and managed to get 1600m in beforehand, Then it was off to Real Sports Bar and Grill next to the Air Canada Center for the Super Bowel. This place only has 199 TVs! Lebron James and some of the Carolina Hurricanes players were there as well. My conference ended Tuesday at 2:00pm and I caught a flight to Montreal for a sales meeting at 3:15pm - just barely made the flight. I was in Montreal til Thursday afternoon. The hotel had a gym and I got up at 6:00am both mornings to get a workout in but it wasn't that great. Meetings include sitting all day and evenings are filled with company meals - good caloric accumulation! I managed to get out of Montreal before the storm hit. It was just starting to build as I landed.

The next morning I saw this!! I last looked out the window around 1:00am and it was still clear. Funny how much snow can fall in a short time. We stayed put as we saw lots of cars in the neighbourhood get stuck.

My street corner. The main street through our subdivision was manageable but sidestreets - forget it!

In a matter of 2 days we went from huge snowfall to mild temps so the roads were completely clear. On this past Sunday I was up early to head to Windsor and then Detroit for the Detroit Red Wings vs LA Kings game with customers. Here's the sunrise in Hannon as I left.

With the complete shift in temperature we got this beautiful ice coating on all the trees. Roads were dry fortunately.

Check this out - amazing scenery.

Here I am during the anthem at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The game was unbelieveable! The Detroit goalie stopped 45 of 47 shots and Detroit won with 4.5 seconds left in the game. My customers had a blast.

Unfortunately my diet for the week looked a lot like this!!! I weighed myself the next day and it wasn't pretty. As punishment I went on a 20K run on the Around the Bay course. I definitely felt the week's festivities on the run - not good times!
Back to the workload for me - time to drop some lbs for the 30K Around the Bay Race for the end of March.


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