Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ahhh the Recovery Week

I've been putting in some quality training so far this year and I'm progressing nicely. One sure way I know I'm on the right track is how tired I am during the recovery week. For me the recovery week  means reducing my training hours to 6-8 hours for the week.

It also means getting some extra sleep to absorb the training - this is where the gains are made. I usually fail in this regard, however, as I don't usually get the sleep I need. Getting to sleep at a decent hour is just not possible in my house but that's okay.

I relax where I can and keep the activity lighter and less intense. I also don't freak out if I lose focus in the nutritional sense and have a couple of beers and pizza. If I restrict my diet too much than the training will feel too much like work.

Next week is the start of my next block n' build. My running and cycling is where I want it at this point and I'm beginning to get the work done in the pool. And February is a short month. I'll try to get over 100 miles running again and 250 cycling. Can't wait for spring and getting back on the road. Around the Bay training is going well, in fact, I'm ahead of schedule. I've done a 15.75 mile run with the Bay hills and felt good. The trainer rides and core work certainly have helped in this regard. Barring any illness I'm looking to improve performance.


For now I'll enjoy the rest of my recovery week. Superbowl is tomorrow - very timely for an easy training week. Definite cheat day!

Have a good one - Cheers!

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