Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My 100th Post!!

WOW! I can't believe I've spewed out something 100 times! It's actually a lot of fun. I figure at some point in my life I can sit back and review what I have written and smile at the memories.

I flew to Ottawa today on a work trip. I visited customers in Ottawa and Cornwall. Once done I decided to get in a workout before I got to the hotel because I figured I'd lose steam once in my room. I went to the Nepean Sportsplex for a swim. This is one of my favourite facilities. Today it was long course lengths (50m unlike the what's pictured here). I got 1700m in and had an entire lane to myself.

At the end of my work day I went for a run from my hotel in Gatineau. I continue to be amazed by Ottawa and Hull (Gatineau). I saw more runners and bikers during my run than I saw at the Hawaii Ironman World Champs in Kona! It was impressive. More impressive is the enormous layout of bike lanes and paths throughout the area. It is so progressive and should be the blueprint for every major city in Canada.

Chateau Laurier.

The Ottawa River path. They even had rowing teams out on the river training. It is outstanding!

Thanks for reading and a toast for the next 100 posts - Cheers!

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