Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Camping and the Big Island Surprise

This past weekend we went camping. Logan had a school PA day and the weather looked decent so we went to Turkey Point Provincial Park. We set up in the dark but otherwise got everything in place. The night was cool but comfortable with lots of blankets.

Picture is sideways - there's nothing wrong with you. I couldn't fix it but the morning sunshine through the trees was beautiful. While Sara and Logan relaxed I got a 5 miler in on the many trails in the park. It was hilly but awesome.

Nature shots.

On Saturday I took my older nephews mountain biking on some of the park trails. Humpback was hilly in the middle as the name suggests while Dizzy Lizzy was the most constantly winding trail I've ever been on. I ran this trail the day before but it was challenging with bike speed.

As always the campfire is a must. There was hardly anyone in the park so it was incredibly peaceful. The trailer had a furnace which was ideal for Friday and Saturday nights low temperatures. The weekend was under a full moon as well which made for incredibly bright nights. Finally, I heard back from my manager and I got the ok to attend the Western American Urology Association Conference which happens to be on the Big Island of Hawaii!!

I got the news late Friday afternoon and booked a flight the next morning. I leave at noon on October 7th and leave Kona at 9pm on October 13th. I mention the dates because the Hawaii Ironman World Championships are on October 13th. I will be able to catch most of the race before leaving. The winners will be done by 4pm and that gives me plenty of time to get to the airport for the journey home.

This is Kailua Bay before Ironman....
and just before the race start.

I'm really interested in seeing how the men's race turns out. Macca is back after trying to make the Australian Olympic team this past year. He sat out last year's race as a result but has developed a lot of speed over the past year. He will be neck and neck with Craig "Crowie" Alexander.

Crowie is back to defend his title and world record time of 8:03 from last year. He performed well at the 70.3 Champs in Vegas with a 2nd place showing. He and Macca have always had a rivalry over the past decade and given they are both pushing 40 it may be a race for the ages.

I will have blog updates on the Big Island and hopefully will be able to capture the energy of this awesome race!


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