Monday, October 15, 2012

Hawaii Ironman 2012: The Day Before

Friday morning I woke up excited. The roads were busy as the athletes were out for their last spins and runs before turning their bikes in before tomorrow's big day. I decided to get in a good workout as I was inspired by these athletes of all ages. It's absolutely crazy to see how fit some of the 50 and 60 year olds are! I decided to run 1 hour and bike at least 2.

My run started with a feral cat. These cats are all over the resort - there are tons!

I ran by this hammock but their was no time for leisure it was all about putting in some time on the run.

I followed this road out to the Queen K where there were lots of bikes. This 1.5 mile stretch was beautiful and condo-filled. This was also the route by which we could get to the Queen K to not only view the bike portion of the race but also get to Kona via back roads.

The day was clear and windy. Once onto the Queen K I could clearly see the top of Mauna Kea - the tallest mountain in the world as measured from the ocean floor (around 33, 000 feet). Of course the everpresent lava fields were in full view. The amazing thing about the Ironman course is that it is mentally draining - hot, windy, desert-like and pretty much straight out and back.

These signs were everywhere. After my run and a quick bite I grabbed my rental bike and ventured off towards Kona. My plan was to ride 1 hour out and return back and return my rental to BikeWorks in Waikoloa.

I felt good so I continued a little further to the Natural Energy Lab just past the airport. The Natural Energy Lab is a 2 mile out and back that starts at about the 16 mile point of the marathon. At this point it's usually hot and the drama of the race unfolds.

Despite the conditions it is still amazing to see the beautiful flowers that grow.

Here's the view looking down the Natural Energy Lab - the story will play out tomorrow!!


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