Monday, December 18, 2017

2018 - Lookin' Forward to Seeing Ya!

2017 is closing soon and as I take stock of the past year I'm reminded that life is full of ups and downs. 2017 was definitely a down year filled with injury and loss but that's life. Turning that page and entering the 2018 chapter renews potential - new goals, new season, and another chance to improve. The quote above is/has been my philosophy. I truly enjoy training with those who are faster, stronger, tougher, etc because it makes me better. It is a simple as that. No ego bruising, just satisfaction that it's making me better.

Currently I'm signed up for Mont Tremblant 70.3. Leading up to it I will do a half marathon over the winter. I may do Around the Bay provided the winter is not a gnarly one. I will definitely do a second 70.3 but will make that decision in May or June as I have some family commitments to attend to. It would likely be September or even October though. Sprinkle a couple of sprints in between and that will make up 2018 for me. 

I'm also using this strategy. Not sure if it's the phase of life I'm currently in or if I simply don't want to waste an ounce of energy on anything negative that crosses my path. It is useful because it makes you look at the big picture. You make an evaluation and, if it doesn't mesh with your values and beliefs, you simply move on.

I have some other seasonal goals in mind that I will leave to another day. For now, please stay healthy and have a Merry Christmas!!


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