Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ha-Wow-ii Ironman 2017!

That was some race!! Huge congrats to this Beast and amazing Canadian Lionel Sanders who emptied the tank to take 2nd at this year's Hawaii Ironman. This result is amazing for several reasons:
- Lionel's swim has improved to the point where he is solidly in the second pack
- because of his improved swim he doesn't have to burn as many matches to reach the lead bike train
- he was able to work with the other uberbikers like Wurf and Kienle
- he rolled into T2 in 4:14 - holy crap!
- he rolled the dice on the run and went for it - gotta love that!
- his ability to dig way deeper than most serves him well - just take a look at his face on the coverage over the last 5km and how he looked at the finish is a testament to that

Hats off to Patrick Lange as well. The comparison of running styles between Lange and Sanders is like night and day. Sanders looks like every step is a battle and Lange looks like he floats. Lange's run form is beautiful to watch. Lionel, despite not displaying an equally beautiful stride, still ran a 2:51 marathon. When Lange passed Lionel it looked like Lionel was standing still but this is more of a reflection of just how amazing a runner Lange is.

Watching those amazing performances is so inspiring and makes me want to train and work on my running. The great thing about the fall is the ability to take the time and look after weaknesses and muscle imbalances. I know I have them and I have a proper plan in place to address them. I can give the attention they deserve so that come the new year I will be good to go.

Ain't that the truth! It's funny because it's amazing what we spend on this sport. Not only that, in my household, there are two crazy people who race. To combat that I put money away starting at the end of this season's last race. This gives me plenty of time to save and it's fun to have a nest egg come spring to use when registrations are fast n' furious!


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