Thursday, May 26, 2016

Holy Crap I'm 50! Did You Know That's Half A Century?!

Thanks Bill!

 May has been busy!! I had some time off but lots of travel prior. Thunder Bay, Sudbury were on the list - good trips but it can be tiring. It also tends to bugger up my training as I didn't have any free time.

 Biggest news was I turned 50 on May 6. 50 freakin' years on the planet - how fast did that go?! My present to myself was a margarita machine. Love the margaritas! The machine works great. You can do other drinks in smoothy style and the ice crusher is awesome.

 For my birthday I decided to do a workout that connected to the big 5-0. I first did a 5.0km run. The pic is the halfway point on Golf Club road.

 Following the run I did a 50km ride around the escarpment. As you can tell by the sky the weather was great.

My machine during a pit stop.

 Then the night began with a party. As usual I forget to take pictures until it's almost too late. It dawned on me around 1:00am. By then most had departed and we only had a few fallen soldiers.

 Ted and Coreen

 Justina and Tara

 Jay and Tara. Jay's shirt became more unbuttoned as the hours got late!

 Lots of hanging out by the fire. Susan your big 5-0 is next!

 The margarita machine got a LOT of use. John was a good wingman and got Sheila home safely. Sheila - you loved the machine, eh?!

 We have some great friends. We had a Christmas party where we mixed neighbours and friends. You wonder how it will go but Christmas was awesome and this birthday bash was exactly the same. Everyone had a blast and mingled well. I've got the empties to prove it - haha.

 Finally a birthday cake. Funny but turning 50 doesn't mean a whole lot to me. I feel good. I love to have fun and keep active. I believe in the "use it or lose it" philosophy in life. You stop moving and you'll break down - it's as simple as that.


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