Sunday, April 24, 2016

What A Winter!

I haven't been great at posting this winter - it's been 5 weeks. Life's been crazy! Work, family life, school issues with Logan, and nagging injuries. Not going to complain too much - everyone's got challenges. At work we launched a new product so I've had to travel quite a bit. Covering most of Ontario plus conferences keeps me on the move.

 I always make a stop at the Terry Fox memorial whenever I'm in Thunder Bay - very inspiring.

 I so wish I lived closer to the conditions for cross-country skiing. Sara and I love it and it's great for training. We ventured up to Collingwood for a weekend and went out at Scenic Caves. So much fun!

 Sara with some Dork in a beaver hat.

 Surprised she can get her arms around me!

 Check out this Dude - Logan is twelve-teen now and taller than me. Based on the size of his feet he still has more to go.

 Too much of this! Bbbut it's so good. In Windsor for work. Stayed at Caesar's (guess you could tell by the glass). I'm not a gambler but I do like wandering through the casino and people watching - it is so fascinating.

 View from a run looking at Detroit.

 Back home to get last long run in for the Bay. For the most part the winter was mild even though this pic implies otherwise. I've been struggling with my long runs since the Grimsby half. I strained a quad and turned my ankle over at Logan's soccer shortly after the race and haven't been the same since. Frustrating.

 Who's the puffy guy next to Sara?!

 This explains the puffiness.

 More mild the following week on the Bay course.

 Spencer Smith Park heading back to Dundurn.

 Went for a haircut at Great Clips - never again!! Pretty aggressive neck line trim lady!

 In London for my Sis-in-Law's wedding. Sara was the Maid of Honour for her sister Justina. Had a great time and took advantage of the extensive trail system in London for a run before the ceremony.

 Logan and his cousin Matthew at the reception at an old pub in London - lots of fun.

 Post wedding - tired!

 Hubba, hubba!

 I've been riding outdoors a lot this winter - that's never happened before. We even got out for 40+km three times in February. The roads were clear and free of grit.

 Nice melon Dork!

 Felker's Falls - scene from a ride. We are lucky - the number of trails near our house is incredible. We can go flat, super hilly, quiet country, see waterfalls - love where I live!

 On the road again - this time to Vancouver. Weather was amazing. At conferences I put in long days but I try to get out for a run where I can. Stanley Park never gets old for me - great scenery.

 I was in Vancouver for 5 days. I managed a 2 hour window of free time so I rented a mountain bike and got a 50 minute ride in. Not many gears on this bad boy but still fun.

 Scene from a ride.

 This is how I imagine myself finishing a race - haha!

 Vancouver airport at 1:30. This conference came up after I signed up for Around the Bay. I got home at 10:30pm the night before the race. The time difference didn't help. Given all that and being on my feet at the conference, I decided I would only run part of the Bay.

 Cool feature on the 777 airplane - a virtual cockpit view, complete with data and real time tracking of what the pilot is doing and what they see out of their window.

 Fine group of ladies from TCoB. The squad did amazing - so many great performances. On a personal note - Sara was awesome. With me being away so much, she is usually pretty tired from holding down the fort. She went 2:40 at the Bay with the cold wind - well done!

 Logan at Mac for swim lessons - he loves the water. This summer we will be seeking out waves - we both love it!

 Cleaned up the machine - it's ready for takeoff. I guess I only need to get fit now haha. I weighed myself post Vancouver and I weighed 173.5 lbs - my heaviest in years. Good news - as of this writing I'm already down to 166 - liking that trend.

 Dork in the sun - sheepish look.

 Work day in Toronto - clear skies.

 With Sara turning 40 and my 50th birthday around the corner, we decided to shelve our tropical destination trip for this home on wheels. We love camping and we figured we'd get so much more out of this than a week away south. It comes complete with stove/oven, fridge/freezer, microwave, double sink, and toilet/shower. Best of all it comes with heated mattresses for those cool nights (plus a furnace/air conditioning).

 Coming to a race soon! Can't wait!


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