Sunday, June 22, 2014

I'm Average and Lovin' It!

Every once in a while someone finds out I've done some Ironmans. They generally ask about the distances involved, what order the events are in, how long it takes, etc. Sometimes the question "what's your best event" comes up. It got me thinking - I don't really have a "best event". At best I would say I'm average at best!

My PB in all the events are as follows: swim 1:07 (2011 Lake Placid) but usually around 1:12, bike 5:31 (2013 Florida flat) and 5:53 (2011 Lake Placid hilly), and run 3:53 (Lake Placid 2011 hilly). My best overall time is 11:09 at the 2011 IM Lake Placid. 2011 was a great year - I was in great shape (for me) and I went into the race in a healthy state. If you look at my times and compare it to my age group then I'm definitely average. Being average in triathlon is ok though. Being above average in a specific event is great but the tendency is to push hard on that event at the expense of the other two. Triathlon rewards consistency across 3 events. Being average can translate into a consistent performance. Just my two cents but food for thought.

Training is going well. I have 3 weekends in a row with 160+km rides. This week has had a run focus - I've run over 40 miles this week. I did 13.5 miles in the heat (34C with humidity) at Ironman race pace. Yesterday was a LSD run - 20 miles in total. The first 10 miles were very hilly in Kings Forest followed by 10 miles of rolling terrain. I was spent at the end but by early evening was feeling quite recovered.

Got to ride and run with Sara recently - it's rare for us but we always enjoy it. We joke that it's our date time. Some do dinner, some do movies - we get in some training!

The pedestrian bridge over the QEW highway to connect Kings Forest to the beach.

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