Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day Funnies and an Ironman Flashback

Happy Fathers Day!!!


Cheers to the Dads!!

A little while ago I contacted the WTC. I'm working towards a Legacy program slot for the World Champs in Hawaii - you need 12 IMs to qualify. I'm currently at 8 with 2 more on the menu this year. My question had to do with my first Ironman - Ironman Canada 1989, 25 freakin' years ago!! I wanted to verify that my 1989 race would count towards my 12. The reason being that the WTC had no affiliation with Ironman Canada at that time.

I heard back from the WTC. They said "no problem - just send a link to the results, your finishers certificate and a picture of the finishers medal." After some considerable digging through files I found some artifacts from the race. I sent pictures of everything to the WTC and am awaiting a decision regarding the 1989 race counting towards my Legacy 12. Above is my spot in the Athletes participant list.

My used race number from that day. The major sponsor was Budweiser! In the swim the turnaround was a massive 20ft inflatable Budweiser can!

A pic of the swim start - 900 participants. At the time I thought 900 was a crazy huge number!!

My first Ironman Finishers Medal - looks funny next to last year's Ironman Lake Placid medal.

My results from that race. I didn't know much about training loads back in those days - there just wasn't a ton of info to draw from. The internet was non-existent. There were some magazines but that was about it. In the 2 weeks leading in the race I did the following: 300 miles of riding, one 25k run, one 3k swim, a Half Ironman in Orillia the Sunday before the race (Duh!). No wonder I felt a little "tired" during the race, particularly the marathon. The cool thing though is, during the ride, I got to ride through the mountains - mountains I had never seen in my lifetime at that point.

My first finish line photo. Nice race outfit, eh?! Complete with hairy legs. I was so tired but very proud of myself. 23 years old and an Ironman. The other amazing thing I remember was the Northern Lights that were quite visible that night. I had never seen such a thing - truly amazing. Anyway that's my little trip down memory lane - have a good one!

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