Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!! See ya 2013!!

Well 2013 was an interesting year. I went into the year with a hip flexor strain and a general lack of motivation - this despite having 2 Ironmans on the menu for the first time ever. The hip flexor issue came about during some hockey on some bad ice - the problem was it was high up almost into my lower abdominal so it was difficult to treat. I struggled through running and indoor trainer rides but I knew I had to strengthen it as best as I could.

We also had stress on the menu as well. Sara's Dad had a heart attack and it was pretty touch and go for a while. The staff at London Health Sciences were top notch and literally brought him back to life. After a couple minor procedures and some lifestyle changes he is doing fine.

As I dealt with the hip flexor I was also training for the Around the Bay 30K run race, North America's Oldest Race (3 years older than Boston). The race is a challenge because of the winter but also the course setup - 2/3s flat followed by 1/3 big hills. It is definitely a tough test but it does get the butt out the door. My motivation was still not into it as Sara, Beast, and Peter were not doing the race and I was generally not "into" training. I did complete it but my time of just under 2:36 was my slowest in years - I even walked several times over the last 10k.

Next up on the menu was Ironman Lake Placid which was the wackiest tri I have ever completed in my 29 years of doing triathlon. For a full race report see the following:
Ironman Lake Placid was Ironman #7 on my goal of getting to #12 to get a Legacy spot for the Hawaii Ironman. I did the usual post Ironman recovery following the race and worked on the stomach issues that had plagued me throughout the year. My doctor gave me a med to reduce stomach acid and I made changes in my diet to reduce stomach upset and supplement to produce the good flora my stomach needed. Going into September I started to feel better but I was still a long way from getting back to normal.

Heading to the end of the year I did Ironman Florida. Training had been better and I mentally felt more motivated. My stomach was still giving me some issues daily but it certainly wasn't quite as bad. I also did a better job with recovery. This is one of my biggest challenges as training for an Ironman (with some health issues) plus Sara and I working with Logan generally leaves us tired mentally and the fatigue accumulates over time. For more on Ironman Florida see the following:
So what's up for 2014? Here's what I've already committed to:
1) Chilly Half Marathon - Burlington, March
2) Around the Bay 30K - Hamilton, March
3) Ironman Lake Placid 2014- July
4) Ironman Flordia 2014 - November
Other races in consideration:
1) Welland Half Ironman - June
2) Niagara Half Ironman - September
On the health front I feel better than I have in the last year and a half. My motivation is back and my stomach is feeling a ton better. I am hopeful to maintain my mojo for the year and see what happens. My only other focus will be to lead a happy life and take in all the experiences I can! Here's hoping 2014 is great to y'all!

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