Friday, December 27, 2013

Gonna Be A Long Winter!

This year winter has come early - we even had significant snowfall before it was officially winter on December 21st! I have shovelled so much that I have developed some inflammation in my left shoulder. The snow just kept falling and I kept shovelling.

I'm cool (no pun intended) with the cold weather but it does make for some challenges. Running is challenging due to slippery footing and the cold affecting your mobility because it takes so damn long for muscles to warm up. You can have 2 layers plus wind proof jacket on yet remove them post-run and it looks like you have a sunburnt chest.

This pic was no joke recently with the ice storm that went through. We had power out for 6 hours, some around Toronto for several days. A lot of trees were affected with branches breaking off. We got through it though and the last couple of days have been almost balmy at -3C and sunny.

There are some benefits though - my garage keeps my beer cold!

Windchill is always a problem. Living close to Lake Ontario makes for a damp cold - the kind of cold that has no let up.

The rescue, however, is on the way. 2014 has the Winter Olympics and that always gets the heart jumping with national pride. Hopefully our Canadian team can repeat the success of 2010 - I'd love to see a repeat of the girls having a beer and cigar in celebration! Keep warm, my friends!

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