Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What A Year So Far!

I had a long drive for work today and I started reflecting on 2012 - what a year it's been so far! In March we ventured off to Hawaii where we saw lots of turtles (Honu in Hawaiian), Lance Armstrong, and magnificent scenery. (Picture - turtle at Magic Sands Beach, sunset off Alii Drive)

In June we toured Alberta where the scenery was just as spectacular (and made me feel small!). Pictured here is Athabasca Falls.

This picture doesn't do it justice but Lake Louise was beautiful. We visited Drumheller, Calgary, Jasper and Banff.

In July we went to Lake Placid and Ottawa. This picture was taken at 7 am at sunrise at our campground. I volunteered at Ironman Lake Placid and signed up for 2013.

No trip to Placid would be complete without climbing to the top of Whiteface Mountain - ok we drove most of it then took an eleveator and "climbed" about 10 feet to reach the top (L-R Gramps, Sara, Me, Logan, Gran).

We went camping at Killbear Provincial Park near Parry Sound. Both Logan and I raced there. Here's Logan oozing confidence prior to his 100m swim. The water was crystal clear - not something we're used to at home.

Logan rockin the bike (4.4km). It was quite hilly for the kids and he performed awesome.

In the home stretch and still having a blast - we were proud!

After racing twice in the last few weeks and suffering through (racing oneself into shape is NOT recommended!!) I decided I better get back into some consistent training. Here I am on the road to fitness (my before pic complete with a few chins).

I will build my base and then fine tune with complete focus. (Logan at the Canadian Military Booth at the Paris Fair).

Oh, almost forgot - we also did our annual training weekend in May up in Muskoka where the surroundings were awesome and the weather perfect! Sometimes the best part of training is what we see outdoors. Fall should be just as incredible. Stay healthy!


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